headshotRobert Spriggle, my first art instructor once told me that art is the language of vision. Art, like music, is a universal language. It emphasizes our diversity, yet reminds us of our similarity. It anchors down what is and hints at what may be.


I prefer to work in a large variety of subject matter, often working in series. Much of my landscape and still life work is done with a warm contemporary palette. My process for creating artwork is to look for a subject with interesting contours, flow and rhythm. I look for the deeper layers, metaphors, and stories that are just beyond everyday vision. I explore subtle angles and experiment with lights and shadows to find balance for an effective composition. Once my preliminary sketches and color studies are complete, I begin to paint. This is when the painting comes to life, evolving one layer at a time. I find myself completely absorbed with the painting process and subject. I look at the work with both an artist eye and as a viewer, trying to relate a moment, a memory, a new revelation. I employ color and movement that are just beneath the surface of the ordinary.


I have a background in both Fine Art and Graphic Design, working for Lockheed Martin many years in both production artwork and marketing projects with strong emphasis on universal trade shows. Though I am currently dedicated to my studio work, I continue to do print design, illustration, and web design.I exhibit in regional and national shows. My paintings have been exhibited in Bucks and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania, Stockton, New Jersey and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. My work has sold in Europe, China and Australia and are in permanent private collections throughout the United States.

Member, Oil Painters Society of America
Philadelphia Sketch Club
New Hope Arts League
Art and Cultural Council of Bucks County, PA
American Women Artists
Bucks County Audubon Society
Art Center Sarasota